Enterprise Case Study: Using Advanced Customer Support to Maximize the Value of an ERP Investment

Learn about how these customers maximized the value of their NetSuite solution

Maximizing the value of an ERP implementation is important, especially as a business’s requirements may change over time as it grows or adapts its business model. This, in turn, means that what an organization needs from its ERP solution—and how the system is configured—may also change.

For organizations that want to make the most of their ERP implementation and are ready to go beyond basic support, a premium customer support package like NetSuite’s Advanced Customer Support can be a cost-saving measure in the long term. This is especially true for enterprises with complex ERP configurations, where having an on-demand support team can save time and ensure the solution is being optimized.

This case study looks at the experiences of two companies that have signed up to this NetSuite ACS service: MusclePharm, a nutritional supplements company, and business cloud provider Domo.

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