Cash Flow Management for Every Part of Your Business

Five problems and five solutions for CFOs now

In business, cash is like oxygen: You don't think about it when you have enough, but when you don’t have the cash to run full speed ahead, nothing matters more than getting that runway. As CFO, you specialize in creating insight into cash flow, so you know exactly how much you have – and need.

Between supply chain disruptions, labor shortages and evolving customer expectations, cash management requires financial discipline and a clear working capital optimization strategy.

Without a formal cash management strategy, and lacking appropriate dashboards and tracked metrics, you may miss opportunities for savings. Or worse, you may get caught short on cash. This guide focuses on critical CFO functions: cash forecasting, strong financial controls and accounts payable management. Refining these functions can boost real-time data visibility – and therefore your business’s bottom-line health in a volatile economy.

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